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Wednesday, December 8th 2010

10:06 AM


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Sunday, June 20th 2010

9:04 AM

Greetings To All The Dads(",)




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Sunday, May 9th 2010

12:28 PM

Greetings To All The Moms(",)

makes me miss and remember my dearest mama who has been resting in peace for almost 11 yrs now together with my loving papa, but THANKS and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my beloved mom in law Joanne Grismer for being such a wonderful mom, to my sisters in law here and in the Phils, to my aunts, cousins and all my relatives, dear friends and acquaintances, and to all the MOTHER, MOMMY, MAMA, NANAY, INAY, MADER in the whole wide world, you rocks!God bless you

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Friday, February 5th 2010

3:48 PM

Winter Escapades:)

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        Thank you to those who are always checking me here even you don't get updates for a while now, your visit is greatly appreciated always for sure, i will never abandon this site for this was the labor of love by me and hubby, i mean, my husband made this for me 3 yrs ago when i did not know yet about the layout, links and everything, so i love this and will always be a special website of mine

     Actually i am not that busy here, maybe i can blame Facebook? I admit it's easy to update on FB than making post here, anyway, i am here while in the mood for blogging

         I would like to share about our winter escapade last Jan. 30 at Frankenmuth,MI.  I was wanting to visit Frankenmuth as i heard it's Christmas all year round there and quite curious to check interesting Christmas stuff. My hubby's co worker told him that it's best to go there last weekend because there will be a Snow Fest, so since i like snow, there we go!I was so excited

     Unfortunately we were not able to stroll much at the Bronners Christmas wonderland because it was about to close already but wonderful, with all the decors and lights, feels like Christmas holidays again



      So we proceeded to the Zehnder's Snow Fest, we had a good time viewing at the cool and amazing, larger than life snow sculptures and beautifully detailed ice carvings, was thinking how artistic people are of course it was a freezing night and first time to experience that so low temp., no problem with the body because i was prepared for it but on my face i felt like it's going to get numbbut hot drinks and warm stores and restaurants are allover to warm people up the fireworks completed the festival night, we strolled the River Place and got some souvenirs from a shop and surprisingly the Butterflies mobile that we bought is made in the Phils.,nicewe had dinner first before heading back home at 10pm


you can view more of the Snow Fest pics hereand let's see what's your favorite

       I am looking forward to see the Snow Fest next year for sure they have cool new stuff again yes, i just love snow, winter, cold is just ok for meI heard some people hate snow, they don't realize many people are longing to see and experience it, and even winter storm is better than strong typhoon, flood, fire or earthquake, life is much better if we stop complaining and i learned that if you love life, life will love you always, so we just live the moment and be grateful, for we are more fortunate than others


      A weekend before we went to the Snow Fest, we also drove to Saginaw,MI to visit a friend, Fran and to attend her son's birthday party It's also an hr and half drive just like Frankenmuth, well, Frankenmuth is a city in Saginaw County Anyway, It was summer 2008 when we last seen each other so i was also excited to go, hubby and I slept over there, we had a nice time, we brought my magic sing so singing time until midnight, even Fran's family were singing also, i think after few drinks i also had couple of chocowine, red & white wine plus smirnoff, of course chow time with Fran, she cooked bicol food too, what a night, drove back home Sunday afternoon after chow again

at the basement where we slept, pose muna with Elvisand hunter's collections

     It was good to see Fran and her family againand just a nice weekend getaway, different from our ordinary weekends

     Thank you again guys for hopping byI hope that your 2009 was also good and if there were sad and bad times, we just have to look forward always to a brighter tomorrows and better days, Positivity is the key I also learned that the mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience so sometimes we just have to leave bad things in the past and start fresh..In the end family and good friends are all we have Happy Healthy Bountiful New year to all (chinese new year,feb.14 Happy Valentine too and have a pleasant time always



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Saturday, December 19th 2009

2:17 PM


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You Might want to check out our Holiday cheer Elfmarphosis

       dancing   ELF VIDEO 1

       singing    ELF VIDEO 2  

Thank you for hopping by

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Friday, September 11th 2009

4:02 PM

Niagara Falls Adventure:)

    We were planning to spend our 3rd wedding anniversary in Virginia but since we had an early trip there last July, the excitement of going back this time was not as intense anymore, besides, Ontario Canada is a way nearer than Virginia but we are definitely going back there maybe next summer to taste the beautiful Atlantic ocean at the waterfront of Virginia Beach and to eat yummy fatty crabs again and so we planned a Niagara Falls trip last Labor day weekend and I got so excited about it that i forgot several things that i needed to bring, like the sweeper for cleaning the tent, our vitamins, my extra comfy shoes, and some others. Anyway, our trip turned out great, as we expected It took about about 4 and half hrs drive going to our prospected campsite at Rock Point of Ontario Parks but it was already fully booked, and we proceeded to Long Beach Conservation Area and thank God, there were lots of vacant campgrounds and we were able to set up the tent before sunset

    Niagara Falls was 40 mins drive from our campsite and we started the adventure at the Victoria Park, where we could view the beauty and wonders of the Niagara FallsIt was truly magnificent and amazingly beautifulwith the rainbow flashing, what a wonderful scenery! and we made sure not to miss the beauty of Niagara at night or the illumination that shows everchanging colors of the fallsof course, with the magic of the spotlights We saw flashing of cameras from people taking pics at the other side of the falls which is in Buffalo, New YorkWe also had some spray of water during the day while viewing the falls and lot more water spray at night like we were walking in the rain. We did not see that coming!It was already midnight when we just walked all the way from Clifton Hill to Table Rock because we parked our car there and as we were passing by the falls, surprisingly, there were nobody else walking that time and there came the big shower from the fallsi told hubby that, that was a lot of blessings from above what a one unforgettable experience

We went inside the Table Rock to explore the Welcome Center there and got some souvenir stuffs. I thought hubby would just get a ticket for the Maid of the Mist boat ride but he bought the 4 top Adventures package such as, the Maid of The Mist, Journey Behind The Falls, Whitewater Walk and Niagara's Fury


First Stop is the Niagara's Fury. It was cool to travel back in time 10,000 yrs to experience the Creation of the falls, and witness the power and beauty of nature. We were inside the dark room with big screens of the water allover, as if we were riding a boat and sometimes we experienced total darkness, thunders and rains. There were moments that i felt that i was actually therethat was really cooland some some kids were screaming and cryingby the way, we were not allowed to use cameras inside, so these were just the few we taken outside the dark room


Second Stop is the Journey Behind The Falls we took the journey below and behind the heart of Niagara and stood right in the mist and spray, the sound was like thunder, i thought it would be chilly since it started to get dark, but not at all, although we were soaking wet up close and personal with the falls was an awe-inspiring sight!


Maid Of The Mist here we come! The boat took us to just a few feet away from the bottom of the falls. Water rushes all around as we "soak" in the excitement of this thrill of a life-time! what would you expect when water and wind combines, it was like going out of the house in the middle of the Typhoon signal no. 3 in the Phils.I noticed, we were the only one using the camera when the "hurricane" blowed ushaving a waterproof case for a camera is really a cool idea

Unfortunately we were not able to make it to the Whitewater Walk We headed right after we were done with the Maid Of The Mist and we were just surprised when we found out that it was closed and it was only 5:30pm anyway, we had enough and we surely had the thrill of a lifetime, an ultimate and authentic falls experience with those 3 Falls adventure, we could not ask anything more

More pics to share taken from our campsitewe thought of swimming at the lake before heading again to Niagara

and strolled at the busy downtown of Clifton Hill, with Wax Museums, Theatres, Fun House, Sky Wheel and a lot more attractions. We just dined out for a couple of nights and Niagara is definetely not a cheap place

   Niagara Falls is indeed the world's famous falls because there were lots of people and tourists from all walks of life, of different races and nationalities. Who says that we have global economic crisis?In fact i also saw several filipino families and friends strolling around. I did not get to meet them but i just heard them speaking tagalog 

  We also hopped in at the Aerocar station while waiting for the People Mover bus (2 day free ride included when you get the 4 top adventure pass). Niagara Parks has a lot more to offer and explore, such as the Marineland, Butterfly conservatory, Floral Clock and many more tourists attractions but we just did not have enough time

   We headed back home Monday and i noticed we spent more hrs. coming back eventhough we also stopped to have dinner but i think it's because we waited almost an hour from the Blue Water Bridge to the Canada-Michigan,US Border, with long lines of cars and trucks, but by the time it was our turn, it was just so quick, the Custom officer just had a quick check on our passports and my greencard, and asked what we did in Canada

   Well, hubby and I surely had a great wedding anniversary treat that we will never forget

   Below are the videos to share

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls at Night

Journey Behind The Falls

Maid Of The Mist

  and you may want to check a lot more pics here on our Shutterfly Album 

  By the way, we got fancy photos right after we were done with Journey Behind The Falls; it was just one pose but 2 photos for 20 bucks the other background is the Illumination or Niagara at Night


Yes! i took pictures of the pictures

That's it guys! thank you again for visiting and checking me hereHave a Happy weekend

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Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

10:49 AM

Today Is Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary:)

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      Yep! it's my 3rd happy marriage years with my hubby Markwe don't have much things to do today or have fancy celebration, maybe a glass or two of champagne tonight, and what i'm excited about is our trip to Niagara Falls, Canada this coming fridayas our anniversary getaway 

      Today, i spent couple of hours outside clearing the grass on my plants, now it does look a real garden again without the weeds but the flowers does not look pretty anymore especially the rose, they are all gone because the bugs or insects keep on eating them, anyway, we already got insect spray and also for the weeds, i hope they works

      The other day, Aug. 31 was my hubby Mark's birthday(just a day away to our wedding anniversary). He had yummy chocolate cake that he blowed but before that he kept on turning on the ceiling fan to blow his cake ordered some chinese Lo Mein or Pancit(for long life) and Pepper Steak, i was just not into cooking that day besides i was craving for Swrimp Lomein, actually there are leftovers and will just have it again tonight

more pics here


    On the other note, we went to Lanie last Saturday because John(Lanie's husband) invited Mark for a video gaming along with John's other friends. Annabelle and husband with their little boy were also present, and we were able to meet Maso(of WOF, World Of Filipinas) and her husband Jim, they are also from Sterling Heights Maso and Lanie met already when lanie invited her for Trish birthday party, but hubby and I were on camping that time, so it was good to meet her and i think she is really cool and nice tooof course, the day would not be complete without picture taking

    Actually it was Lanie & John's civil wedding anniversary(12 yrs) that Saturday and 31st of Aug. is their church wedding anniversary, so our wedding anniversary is just few days away from theirs, how cool is that

Oh! by the way Lanie gave me bunch of tomatoes last Saturday because she said she didn't like the not crunchy tomatoes, yes they are not crunchy but sweet and with real goodness of fresh tomatoes, perfect for Afritada, Menudo or Caldereta and other food I actually cook or use them everyday before it gets over ripe and spoils, dami kasiThanks again Lan, i saved some bucks from our grocery shopping

    I think i had enough chika for today, thanks for reading, your visit is highly appreciated

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Friday, August 21st 2009

3:38 PM

C A M P I N G 2009!

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     Since it's summer time once again means camping time here in MI Actually, i thought we would not have camping this year because usually or our past campings took place early as June or July but i was excited when hubby Mark said that we are camping in August. One more thing that i got excited about was because Tonya and Brad were with us this year, last year they were not able to camp in UP NorthSo we camped at the Interlochen State Park in Traverse City, the weekend of Aug. 14 and drove back home noontime, Aug. 17. It was 4 and half hrs drive with nice music the whole trip because hubby got me a gadget for my Ipod to connect on the car stereo, so that was great and the weather was fine but we had a storm on our first night at the camp, how cool is that! good thing is we were already able to set up the tent and we were just safe inside when the storm came at around 10pm we actually slept well that nightThe camp site was a nice place with the lake also but i would say, i like the Black Lake and the Forest Lake even better, (that we camped last 2 summers), for some reasonsActually it was Rob's birthday on the weekend and he told hubby and friends that we are free to camp at their place, but we just decided to camp at the state park.

    So we attended Rob's birthday on the 15th of August, Saturday and i noticed he had a huge backyard and they even had a portable toilet at the yard. Anyway, Scott and Greg camped there Scott put up this huge Gorilla balloon that the kids got crazy about. I like it too


     The following day, Sunday afternoon, we visited Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, located on Lake Michigan near Traverse City. It was awesome to see those dunes on the fields and forest. Several stops includes the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, this driving loop overlooks some of the Lakeshore's most unique scenery. We checked on the Dune Climb but we actually did not climband explored Glen Haven on Sleeping Bear Bay which dates back to the turn of the 20th Century, there's a Blacksmith Shop, hopped in at the Maritime Museum although it was closedand what i like most is the beautiful crystal clear Lake Michigan there, although we did not have the chance to swim and i will never forget the Sleeping Bear Point, the panoramic view of the shoreline, dunes and islands, with 450 feet drop to Lake Michigan, that was amazing! I learned that the colors of the Lakeshore change with the seasons. "Summer brings the melting of blueberries beneath our tongues and yellow grains of sand stuck between our toes as we struggle against the Dune Climb" (i quoted from Visitor Guide) yes, true! and even we did not climb, we felt the sand in our legs due to strong breeze and i missed the breeze when we got back in the car 

you may visit our Shutterfly Photo Albums for more pics and here's some video to share

     Hubby and I was able to meet a Filipino family when we were strolling down at the Maritime Museum small world ha!The De los Reyes family from Sterling Heights,MI. They got 2 girls but the other one was busy at the beach


       So that's all folks about our camping trip They say that a picture paints a thousand words but i tell you, it was more worthy and fulfilling when you are actually there you will surely love it most, especially if you are a nature lover like me 

    Since i'm in the blogging mood today, I'd like to brag about this photo in a frame that hubby Mark got from work This is the picture that he submitted when they had a photo contest last year,(we actually already forgot about this) so he is one of the winners. He said there's no other fancy prize except that we can keep the photo and i'm glad because i was thinking to print one of our sunset pics taken from our camping 2 yrs ago. I got the idea when i saw similar photo of this at my lolo Romy's house when we went to Virginia. So now, we have it and no need to spend for the printing and the frame, cool!


     Thank you guys for hopping by hereTake care and Have a fantastic day!


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