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Tuesday, February 6th 2007

11:15 AM

Our Love Story:)

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    How's everybody in there?  Oh yes,Time is really running so fast that i did not notice that it's been almost 7 months since i arrived here in U.S and be with my honey love and since it's a love month, i just got inspired to share you the photos ofthe Valentine sweeties that honey sent to me in the Phils. and tell you a little of our love story, even some of you may know

     It was June 2004 that I met my Mark in Cherry Blossoms site.Yes, we are one of those couples who crossed paths thru the magic of internet . It was my cousin from CA encouraged me to register on CB.  She said that CB is a good site if i want to meet a foreigner, and men are formal and decent there. It sounded interesting and so she did a good job convincing me because the next thing i knew, i was inside the internet cafe, browsing CB site I registered and posted some of my best shots there. Several men of different races and ages, from young to  very old(for me), wrote me, although reading their letters was a bit entertaining also but for some reasons none of them really caught my attention, because that time, i really did not know what i was doing and not so sure if i want a foreigner, until i found my Mark's profile. I liked his photos and i got interested with his personal infos, and yep! i was the one who emailed him, but who would have thought and expect that he would still reply after two months,.  I never anticipated anymore that i would still be hearing something from him, but he said his reply got delayed because he already cancelled his account on CB and when he checked it out again, he found my letter. I was really glad that time because he got interested to me too, maybe because i was kinda photogenic, flawless and sexy before hehe!  but even now he always say that i'm his so pretty and sexy wife at least for my hubby's eyes . Anyway to make it short, we both got interested with each other and we became sweethearts after months of exchanging emails everyday and had a regular long chat schedule.

     During my October 2004 birthday as i went to church, i asked sign to God and our Mother Mary that if i received a flower from my Mark during my birthday, then he is really the special one for me! and oh boy! He sent me beautiful flowers that day, that surprised me because you know, di ba, he could have given me some other things or gifts, instead of flowers and that was really awesome  and made me so happy and very excited.

     He planned to visit me in October or December of that year of 2004 but due to work and some other things, he didn't make it. Then he said maybe he would just visit me the following year, April 2005. Because i was not hundred percent sure that he's serious about me and of visiting me and so i asked for a "sign" again. I know, i was being silly or  maybe have watched too much love stories so i did ask for a sign once again and prayed that if honey Mark visits me on April, then he is really my man, my future husband, and he did isn't it amazing.  I also took vacation leave from work and we both enjoyed touring around, in Manila, Baguio and of course in our place in Bicol. He is awesome and we were both happy being together, got along very well with each other, in other words, we just clicked!  Most of my relatives and friends say that we have resemblance and we look good together, of course i felt good with those comments . That time he proposed and said that he loves me much that he wanted me to be his wife and to spend the rest of his life with me,  di na rin ako nagpakipot, i did not have a second thought anymore, because i love him too that the first time i saw him at the airport, i already knew and felt that i found the man i had been longing and dreaming for and for almost 3 weeks(24/7) of being with him,  i knew that he is a very so caring and loving man, kind and great person , never loses his cool and patience in times of troubles. Who would not freak out if you found out that you dont have money anymore yes, after all the trips, shoppings and all our other expenses, he found out that his atm account got no money anymore, he miscalculated it. We were still in Baguio and we did not have our tickets yet for Manila, we still have 3 days before his flight back here, meaning, we need more budget for hotels, foods and etc. For a moment i was shocked and speechless but managed to be cool and calm also, because how could we think of the right things to do if we were so worried. He contacted his family and friends here, in other words, we were rescued hehe! that was really a tough situation. Another one, we were left by the bus in one of the stopovers in Tarlac going back to Manila from Baguio, we just ate icecream and as we're about to return to our bus, it was not there anymore and our two big luggages were there at the bus, i was thinking, mosts of my stuffs in my luggage were new , good that we were able to contact the bus company and our things were safe when we arrived in Manila.
       That was freaky and funny experiences that we would both laugh everytime we remember those , but one thing is sure and tested that we are compatible, we have connections and the chemistry is there. We easily overcome whatever troubles we have had. My visa journey, embassy interview and my flight, all just turned so smoothly and easy. I feel that God is always there guiding us. You might not believe me but i really prayed hard to have a good husband and  i realized God gave me more than what i prayed or asked for I mean, look at my man, i did not pray for such so guapo good looking husband but i got itBefore, i won't get or i don't understand what soulmate is all about or if it's really true or happening, but now that i have hubby Mark, i could say that we are soulmates in every way, came from two different sides of the earth, is'nt this wonderful?  it means that we are truly destined for each other, just like you that is destined to your beloved partner.

 Honey Mark's Trip To The Philippines

     Hubby love, Life is not perfect and sometimes hard and tough, we just started and still have a lot of difficult times to be encountered in the near future, but as long as we both have faith and be partners of facing them whatever it takes, and we know we can count on with each other always, and promise to love and to grow old together . This may sound corny but, i loved you yesterday, i love you more today and i will love you much tomorrow and always, you are just so right man for me, the greatest gift that God gave me, a heaven sent! , Thank you for the love and for always making me feel that i'm so very special you know that you're all i need, my love, with you everyday is Valentine

    To all of you, thank you once again  and Advance Happy Valentine, May you have a happy heart always with your loveones




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Posted by In-in:

Cleo I enjoyed viewing the pictures and reading your entry. Thank God to the internet. Ryan and I met there too almost 8 years ago. You are indeed so blessed with Mark. I can see so much love when we first met you guys. I can't believe it's been that long. Yeah, you are right 7 months because I am also 7 months pregnant now. Always stay happy and in love. See you in a few days.
Tuesday, February 6th 2007 @ 1:29 PM

Posted by ~*Jeth M. Bell *~:

Hello Cleo,
That's an interesting story! At times we need to kiss soo many frogs b4 we finally found the "real prince" . We don't literally kissed them BUT, to get to the real guy......patience and perseverance must take place first. I decided to marry my husband after 4 long years of courtship.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the time u always spent at my place! It was appreciated preciously. Keep comfy and warm and have a nice day.
Wednesday, February 7th 2007 @ 8:24 AM

Posted by lie:

Happy valentine's day, friend. I dont know what to say about your love story after reading it. Its some kind of a fairy tale for me, who would know that after those long years of searching and waiting for the right man you finally got yours. All of us has her own love story but yours is very romantic indeed. For that i wish you a long and lasting marriage that full of happiness. God bless to both of you.
Wednesday, February 7th 2007 @ 3:46 PM

Posted by lanie G:

Hi Cleo.. I have fun reading your love story and viewing your photos.. your mark is your perfect match..whatever trial you both encounter there's solution. I met my husband through my friend who is a member in CB and she give 5 men profile with photo and thefirst catch my attention is my husband. I am the one wrote to him and he write back to me and for my second letter he never write back after 2 and half months I recieved letter from him with photos and asking me if I could call him collect and asking me if he could take me to dinner.. and he wants to met me and my family. Back then were not sweetheart nor bf. Were just a friend. That was sept.15, 1997 when I called him and I was in Malaysia that time and my contract will end in Dec. 13, 1997. He said, he likes me and he wrote a letter to me and signing his name love.. and I am confused because his not my bf. from sept. 15-dec 13,1997. we talk over the phone maybe once or just 2 letters. We have a lot of obstacle that we encounter before we finally met. If you could read my love story in my blog I dont know if I have publish I guess save in draft. Good luck on your married you just in honeymoon stage.. your still a lot to adjust and just manage with firm and love and support to each other so the married will be happy and perfect. take care
Thursday, February 8th 2007 @ 1:08 PM

Posted by Cleo Grismer:

Yes In:) it's been seven months since we met you and Ryan, and di mo pa alam non na preggy ka na until nalaman ko nga kay Lanie ;)nakita ko din na match na match kayo ni Ryan, so young couple that is ready to face any challenges of married life:)Stay happy too there and ingatan ang baby, See you guys on saturday ;)

Hello Jeth, yes i understand what you mean hehe! i have had Pinoy bf too before my husband but i've realized filipino men were not meant for me,
;)just like my husband says, american women were not meant for him,;)Stay happy too with your husband and enjoy your new wheels jeth ;)
Thursday, February 8th 2007 @ 2:31 PM

Posted by Cleo Grismer:

Thank you Lie:)I also pray that true love finds you too, malay mo andyan lang sa tabi tabi mo;)you just need to look around and feel,Happy Valentine friend, God bless you all the love and happiness too:)dont forget to update me ha;)take care there:)

Hello Lanie G.:) it's nice to know that thru CB mo din namet husband mo:)and after many obstacles kayo pa rin,and i think very ok and happy naman kayo, yes kami, nagsisimula pa lang and there would be a lot of adjustments and challenges pa, thank you sa advice ha, i really appreciate it:) God bless your family always:)
Thursday, February 8th 2007 @ 4:29 PM

Posted by ~*Jeth M. Bell *~:

Hi Cleo,
Just flyin' by to drop this one.......
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and also to thank u for the time u spent @ my haus. Ur presence was dearly appreciated. U both tc and God bless !
Thursday, February 8th 2007 @ 5:43 PM

Posted by Juliet Boynton:

Hi Cleo, thanks 4 sharing your romantic love story...I enjoyed reading it and enjoyed viewing ur pics...it`s true you and your hubby are pretty match to each other..I wish you all the best..happy marriage, long lasting love, more blessings...and baby to come! Happy Valentines Day and Enjoy! with your Beloved husband...tc and God bless!
Tuesday, February 13th 2007 @ 7:06 AM

Posted by Dauphine Stiles:

Hi Cleo, ka sweet sa imong thoughts towards kang Mark, it makes me misty eyes reading it! So sweet of you being as a wife!

As for your love story, you are really meant for each other indeed, it's really amazing that how God prepared one for us and it's really the best. Imagine the flower that you asked is given to by mark, God hears your prayer.

About to you love story. Oh my I couldn't believe those obstacles you have met but you have gone through and overcome with it. Indeed Mark is really a nice and cool guy to still be calmed down and don't lose any hopes, pare pareho talaga kayong dalawa ba mga nice couple. Oo nga Cleo I would have said this before na may resemblance talaga kayo ni Mark para kayong magkapatid tingnan or fraternal twins. You are lucky and blessed to have found each other. THanks for sharing your story.. it's a wonderful story indeed! I love hearing this kind of story. It recalls me back of mine too lol!

Sorry pala Cleo ha I been so late of visiting and leaving back messages here in your place so ngayon Im making it out. Thanks for the patience... I would like to greet you and Mark a HAPPY VALENTINES TO YOU BOTH! May your love grows more and more stronger!
Tuesday, February 13th 2007 @ 4:05 PM

Posted by glorie:

Happy Valentines!
Nice love story..if it really destined..it really meant to be no matter what! and you are destined to marks life..:)

Happy Valentines to both of you!!!:)
Tuesday, February 13th 2007 @ 9:26 PM

Posted by Cleo Grismer:

Jeth thanks bunch again for this cute pic message,my hellos also to all of you guys:) tc

Hello Juliet, thanks din for all the warm wishes, kita ko din sa mga pics nyo ng hubby mo that you are both so happy inlove, stay happy and God bless your marriage always:)
Wednesday, February 14th 2007 @ 12:28 PM

Posted by ~*Jeth M. Bell *~:

Hello Cleo,
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I do appreciate the sweet thought u've left for me @ my haus. Am grateful that u've been thinking 'bout me all the time ........ur thoughtfulness NEVER GO UNNOTICED . Hope u got a lot of lovin 2day .
Wednesday, February 14th 2007 @ 12:33 PM

Posted by Cleo Grismer:

Hello Dauph! am glad that you're back, medyo namiss ko din mga posts mo dear, but nice to hear that you're just ok in there with your cute daughter;)thanks for reading my story and sorry if i made your eyes misty, minsan talaga dramatic and corny din ako . thanks for the nice message ha i really appreciate it,Happy Valentine Dauph and have a cool pleasant day always

Glorie long time no hear hehe! thank you also and i always appreciate your presence and your footprints here, Have a Happy Valentine also to you and your special someone

Jeth dear thanks again and again for the picture message( this lovely valentine card,) you are really sweet and thoughtful,thanks also for the time you always spent here. i thought of sending pic message also but i cannot figure out again how to do it hehe!needs more practice. Hope you got a lot of lovin 2day too
Wednesday, February 14th 2007 @ 12:53 PM

Posted by Abby:

hi cleo. ang interesting naman ng love story nyo. and at least nung naiwan kayo ng bus, kasama mo siya, hindi ka mag-isa. hehe.
Thursday, February 15th 2007 @ 5:27 AM

Posted by Cleo Grismer:

Yes Abby, hindi naman ako gano nagwoworry at kasama ko sya, ang inaalala ko yong mga things namin hehe! lalo na saken lahat bago shopping yon,di ko talaga maimagine kung nawala na, althou di sya gano nagwory kasi yong camera and passport nya palagi nya lang bitbit, smart din ano
Thursday, February 15th 2007 @ 4:36 PM

Posted by Belle:

Yes! miracles do come true, i think it runs in the family that whatever decisions we have to make we always ask for a sign... funny coz i always do that... and reading your lovestory is so awe-inspiring... and meeting one's soulmate is really indeed fulfilling:) Have a happy heart always with your Mark.
Thursday, February 15th 2007 @ 10:29 PM


Posted by Cleo Grismer:

yay!just found out, Rock You slide are not showing all the pics that i posted, hmmm..and i could not edit, maybe this site is already inactive or closed?:(:-?
Saturday, September 10th 2011 @ 2:24 PM

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